Arya Prathinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj Of Melbourne or APSASM (Commonly known as Arya Samaj of Melbourne or ASM) in short is a small group of people who are committed voluntarily in promoting the teachings of Vedas to the best of their ability. The main purpose of this Samaj is embedded in the 6th Principle of Arya Samaj - to promote physical, spiritual and social good of every one. Satya (absolute truth) is an imperative quality of the Samaj members, practiced to the best of their ability. The literal meaning of Arya is a noble and benevolent person, Prathinidhi means representative, Sabha means organisation and Samaj means society. Arya Prathinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj of Melbourne literally means organisation representing the noble and benevolent persons by means of a society of the noble and benevolent persons.

APSASM was started by its founding president and Purohit, Pt. Prashant Kumar Sharma in November 2007. APSASM got registered and incorporated on 16th of December 2008. APSASM believes and works towards the reform of the Society as per Dharm. The founder of Arya Samaj, Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati has described the Dharm as Whatever is devoid of prejudice, and displays just conduct, consists of vocal and mental truth (Satya), is as per the directive of Ishwar (God) and is in line with the teachings of the Vedas is accepted as Dharm by me and whatever is prejudiced, unjust, consisting of lies and not in line with the teachings of Vedas is considered as Adharm by me. APSASM strives very hard to oppose the evils and malpractice of the society. APSASM encourages its members to practically display the noble conduct. Arya Samaj Of Melbourne believes in following the ideology as per Maharishi Swami Dayanad Saraswati. Swami Ji has said "He alone can fitly be called a man who being strong, protects the weak.  He that injures others in order to gain his selfish ends, can be only be called a veritable animal" and "I consider it the first and the foremost duty of every man to publish and propagate Truth (Satya) without fear or favor".


The purpose of the Samaj shall be:-

  1. To propagate the ten principles of the Arya Samaj as propounded by Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

  2. To impart and promote the study of Vedas, Vedangas, ancient Sanskrit or other literature science and industry.

  3. To obtain the services of the Vedic preachers.

  4. To assist orphans and the poor.

  5. To promote physical, moral and social good of every one.

  6. To organise preaching of Vedas.

  7. To promote and direct meeting of members for their development as per Vedic teachings.

  8. To safeguard the present and future interests of the Arya Samaj with respect to humanity.

  9. To do all things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the Samaj.


The Ten Principles of Arya Samaj are as follows:

  1. God is the efficient cause of all true (Satya) knowledge and all that is known through knowledge.
  2. God is existent, intelligent and blissful. He is formless, omniscient, just, merciful, unborn, endless, unchangeable, beginning less, unequalled, the support of all, the master of all, omnipresent, immanent, unaging, immortal, fearless, eternal, holy and the maker of all. He alone is worthy of being worshipped.
  3. The Vedas are the Scriptures of all true (Satya) knowledge. It is the paramount duty of all Aryas to read them, teach them, recite them and to hear them being read.
  4. One should always be ready to accept truth (Satya) and renounce untruth.
  5. All acts should be performed in accordance with Dharm that is, after deliberating what is right and what is wrong.
  6. The prime object of the Arya Samaj is to do good to the world, i.e. to promote physical, spiritual and social good of every one.
  7. Love, righteousness and justice should guide our conduct towards all.
  8. We should dispel ignorance and promote knowledge.
  9. No one should be content with promoting his good only; on the contrary, one should look for his good in promoting the good of all.
  10. One should regard oneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promote the well being of all, while in following the rules of individual welfare all should be free.