Maharishi Dayanand has said:

"A person who resolves to stick to the truth (Satya) at all costs, steadily rises in virtues. When his virtues raise his reputation and prestige, he becomes all the more a devotee of truth (Satya). This devotion to truth becomes an unerring source of power and greatness."

"Knowledge alone is the inexhaustible treasure; the more you spend it, the more it grows. All other treasures run out by spending, the claimants inherit their shares as well. Thieves cannot steal this treasure, nor, can anyone inherit it." 

"There is no higher happiness than the contemplation of Satya"

" My sole aim in criticising the views of others is to arrive at the Truth (Satya)"


The Satsang of APSASM is conducted once a Month.

For location and timing please e-mail APSASM Secretary - Mr. Sury Soni on or alternatively he can be contacted on his mobile +61433661327 (0433661327 if in Australia).

Nyaya Darshan workshop

APSASM has been conducting the workshop on Nyaya Darshan in the past Satsangs. The workshop has been prepared and presented by Mr. Ajit. July Satsang saw the recap of the past few months of the workshop on Nyaya Darshan. The presentation included the topics below:


  • The four types of Pramanas were explained.

  • The three types of Prameyas were explained.

APSASM Purohit, Pt. Prashant then further elaborated these by giving example from our day to day lives. All the attendees then participated in the question, answer and brain storming session.

July Satsang also saw the presentation on hate by two of the kids of APSASM; Prerna and Priyanka. The girls highlighted the simple causes of hate and the harm it does to oneself backed by a story from "Grandpa's tales". The girls concluded by stressing on Praanaayaam, company of good people, regularly attending Satsangs and brain storming  with reasons on the teachings and ways to develop humanity as a way to suppress the feeling of hate in us.

Agnihotram Workshop, Shastrarth & Rishi Bodh Diwas:

APSASM conducted the first part of its Agnihotram Workshop in the February 2010 Satsang. The topics covered in the workshop included the definition of Rishi, Apta and Apti. the other inclusions were pollution - its definition and effects on humans and enviornment.

Agnihotram.jpg (901094 bytes)

Shastrarth was also conducted on the two aspects of God - Omnipotence and Omniscience. The attendees brainstormed and reasoned out the meaning of the terms in general and as per Vedic view shown by Maharishi Dayanand in his "Satyarth Prakash".

Children's development program of APSASM saw Prerna Sharma presenting the first two qualities of Dharma as taught by Manu Smriti. The two qualities being Dhriti (patience or dhairya dharan karne ki shakti) and Kshama (forgiveness or maan, apmaan mein ek samaan rahana). Prerna presented the definitions along with examples. Then the topic was discussed among the attendees in details to increase the understanding.

Dhriti Kshama Damo Astayum, Shaucham Indriya nigrah, Dhi Vidhya Satyam Akrodho, dashkam dharm lakshanam. ----Manu Smriti

The month of February also celebrates Rishi Bodh Diwas as it is on the night of Sivaratri, Mool Shankar (The name of Maharishi Dayanand before taking Sanyaas) started inquiring about God and the event of the Sivaratri made him realise the weakness of idol worship. February 12th 1824 is also the date of birth of the Great Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati. This year Mahasivaratri was celebrated on the 12th of February. 

Diwali Function & Rishi Nirwaan Diwas 2009:

APSASM celebrated the above on the 18th of October 2009. The highlights of the function are as below:

  • The program started with the opening and welcome address by its President, Mr. Radesh Ram.
  • Program continued with Pranayam, Agnihotra along with Pakshik Yajna conducted by the Founding President and Purohit of APSASM, Pt. Prashant and group.

Agnihotram performed by APSASM members.JPG (1740512 bytes) 

Agnihotram performed by APSASM members (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)

  • This was followed by the workshop on the first mantra of Taittireya Upanishad with all the present APSASM members taking part actively. Pt. Ashween Lakhan of NSW Arya Samaj attended the workshop by means of video conferencing.

Taittireya Upanishad workshop by APSASM.jpg (1549646 bytes)

Taittireya Upanishad workshop by APSASM (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)

The workshop was well appreciated by all the attendees as it provided an opportunity for all to enhance their knowledge.

  • Delicious lunch followed the workshop and the ladies of the Samaj were praised by all for their cooking.
  • The program resumed with kids giving short discourses on the following:

                Akash - What is Satya (Truth)?

                Shivani - The explanation of the first principle of Arya Samaj.

                Bhavya - The explanation of the second principle of Arya Samaj.

                Prerna - The explanation of the first quality of Dharm out of the Ten given in Manu Smriti.

The presentation by the kids was well appreciated by all the attendees.

  • The program continued with Ajit ASR presenting an article providing reasoning on the existence of God.

  • The program concluded with the thanks given to all by the president of APSASM, Mr. Radesh Ram. 

Arya Samaj Sthapna Diwas 2009:

APSASM celebrated 134th Arya Samaj Sthapna Diwas on the 17th of May 2009. Various presentations were done by the children of APSASM and the motive of Arya Samaj formation was explained by the Purohit of APSASM - Pt. Prashant.

80th Birthday celebration of APSASM member & hosting of Swami Vigyannand (International co-ordinator) & Brij Pal Singh (President) of Vishwa Hindu Parishad:

APSASM celebrated the 80th birthday of its most elderly member Mr. Veerendra Singh. APSASM also had the opportunity to host the international co-ordinator of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Swami Vigyananand and the President of the Australian Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Mr. Brij Pal Singh. Swamiji gave a small discourse on Maharishi Dayanand and the work done by him.

Prayers for the Victims of terrorism:

APSASM or ASM included a moment of silence and prayers in its December 2008 Satsang for the victims of terrorism in Mumbai. Arya Prathinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj of Melbourne Inc. condemn terrorism in any form and at any place. APSASM urges people to let go of their prejudices and start looking at all humans as humans. APSASM also welcomes all to work shoulder to shoulder in promoting the human ethics and prosperity while opposing, stopping and shunning bad qualities/views. The Founding President and Purohit of APSASM, Pt. Prashant Sharma reiterated this message by quoting few mantras from Vedas.

Diwali & Rishi Nirwaan Diwas function 2008:

The second major function organised by APSASM in 2008 was the 'Diwali and Rishi Nirwaan Diwas' on the 18th of October 2008. APSASM continued the tradition of not having a chief guest for its function but treating all the guests as important. The highlights are as below:

  • The program started with the opening and welcoming address by the President of APSASM, Mr. Radesh Ram. Mr. Ram highlighted that as we are celebrating Rishi Nirwaan Diwas we should remember and reflect upon the hardships and joys of our great Acharya Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Mr. Ram announced that today APSASM will be kindling a special Diya, both physically and mentally in our hearts, in remembrance of Rishi Dayanand Saraswati, a noble and humble soul who sowed the very seeds from which we are reaping the fruits of Arya Samaj, today and in the years to come. He requested all to pay heart felt tribute to the Acharya of Humanity. He also requested all to work together in removing the darkness, Avidhya, both from within and around us and let us, as noble inclined men and women, work together in making this world , a better place for ourselves and for those around us as per the true mission of Swamiji by following the teachings and practices of the Vedas. He further requested that this Deepavali, while we kindle Diyas in our homes, let us set aside a special Diya, and kindle that light, a light that will forever be kindled until the dissolution of this world, and beyond. He then announced that he will continue to offer his heart most thanks and love unto Rishi Dayanand, for the Rishi's teachings has helped to mould him, in the Arya that he is today - Dhanya Haamaare Swamiji - Dhanya Mahaan Rishi
  • This was followed by Pranayaam & Agnihotram conducted by the Founding President and Purohit of APSASM, Pt. Prashant and group.
  • Melodious Yaj geet & Bhajans were sung by Mrs. Tara Singh and Mrs. Shanta Singh involving all the audiences. Meanwhile delicious prasad was distributed.
  • After a short break the programme resumed with a short speech by a talented child of APSASM - Shivani. Shivani spoke on the topic "A child's view of Diwali". After comparing the Diwali celebrated by her in Australia with the stories of Diwali celebrations in Fiji and India, Shivani quickly highlighted the importance of Diwali - to always follow the right path and not to be scared of telling the truth. This is well displayed by the small diyas lighting the dark Amavasya night. Darkness or Dark night represents evil or bad deeds and small diyas are like good people showing the light to all glowing like fire. Shivani also mentioned that Maharishi Dayanand, who was the founder of Arya Samaj and taught all how to live a noble life to achieve happiness, died on the night of Diwali in 1883. Shivani also highlighted that Arya Samaj is not a religion but a society of people who strive to improve themselves and others ethically and morally. Arya Samaj was the only effective institution in the late 1800s to vigorously do the reform work of the humanity starting from Aryavrat or India. In the end she thanked all for listening and also expressed gratitude towards APSASM for providing the opportunity to the children in understanding our culture and humanity as a whole. Diwali in Australia will always be fun as long as we understand the motive behind diwali and as long as the adults encourage us by practical examples.
  • The next talk was given by another talented child of APSASM - Prerna. Prerna spoke on the topic of "My understanding of Arya Samaj's work". She started her talk by mentioning that Maharishi Dayanand started Arya Samaj for the upliftment of humanity. Prerna quoted the sixth and nineth principles of Arya Samaj for her speech purpose. She stated few noble deeds of Arya Samaj namely, treating all the humans as equal and classifying them as per their work, giving equal rights to men and women, rid people of superstition, educating boys and girls alike, educating people about the evils of dowry system, abolishment of child marriage, abolishment of Sati Pratha or the burning of the wife alive with the husband if husband dies first, generating the feeling of Swarajya or self rule etc. She ended her speech with the words "In the end I only want to say that to improve the world you have to start with yourself. I am but a child and would like to humbly request all the people present here to guide us to a noble path by showing us the noble qualities in you. I request all of you to take note of my words and from now on show us the path of light like the Diyas of Diwali".
  • The next speech was given by the founding President and Purohit of APSASM - Pt. Prashant. Pt. Prashant started by explaining the origin of Diwali by the Aryas after the arrival of the new grain (Bajra & Makka or Millet & Corn) and contradicting the common myths of it being celebrated because of the return of Lord Ram. Pt. Prashant quoted from Valmiki Ramayan stating the departure and arrival of Shri Ram to Ayodyah in the Chaitra Maas (March - April) and not in Kartik Ashwin (October - November). Pt. Prashant then narrated a short glimpse of Maharishi Dayanand's life and death, quoting from the writings of Dr. Bhawanilal Bhartiya, Devendranath Mukhopadhyay, Professor Jordens, Lala Lajpat Rai and Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya. Pt. Prashant gave the example of Swami Virjanand and Swami Dayanand when Swami Dayanand went to Mathura to study from Swami Virjanand - after introduction and asking about the study done by Swami Dayanand, Swami Virjanand Ji told him to go and throw all his books in the river Ganaga and come and learn with an open mind - to improve your knowledge one has to start with an open mind rather than pre-concieved mind; one has to be like a dry sponge ready to absorb the waters of knowledge. Pt. Prashant stressed on the point of practically showing the morality and ethics in our life rather than limiting the ethics to just Bhajans. He also stressed the need to go back to the original ethics and principles of Arya Samaj for the improvement of our self before  attempting to reform others. Pt. Prashant explained the method of achieving the self reform through Pranayaam as explained by Maharishi Dayanand in Satyarth Prakash. Pt. Prashant ended his speech by urging the listeners to let Arya Samaj remain as a reform movement rather than letting it become a social club. He requested the listeners to follow the original ethics and live life as per the principles of Arya Samaj. He said that we should learn from the Diyas in Diwali and should dispel ignorance and superstition represented by darkness and promote Vidhya represented by light. As every diya is fighting the darkness, so should every human strive to promote education and knowledge. He ended his speech by wishing everyone happy Diwali and paying tribute to the Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati - the Rishi who happily sacrificed his life for the entire humanity, a Rishi who showed the humans the way of living and even dying.
  • The baton of speak a thon was then passed to the next speaker, Mrs. Shanta Singh who spoke on the topic Diwali - Festival Of Lights. Mrs. Singh started her speech with a prayer for the happiness of all and then went on explaining that Diwali is an occasion to remember that it is good that reigns eventually no matter how powerful evil may initially appear and the everlasting forces of peace, progress and harmony will prevail in the end. She declared that the common knowledge is that Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram from the exile. She also declared that Diwali is also celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season. Mrs. Singh explained that Ramayan is not only limited to the story of Shri Ram but is an embodiment of culture and its values. Every incident of Ramayan has a lesson - a moral for all. She mentioned few reasons prevalent for celebrating Diwali including the special incidents like the Nirwaan of Maharishi Dayanand (Founder of Arya Samaj) & Mahavir (Founder of Jainism) and the freedom of Guru Hargovind Ji (6th Guru of Sikhs) along with 52 other Kings from the prison of the Moghul Emperor Jahangir. She reiterated the view of learning from the Diyas - Burn like the flame of Diya to provide knowledge to others and rid them of the darkness and falsehood. She requested all to take a vow this Diwali to strive for winning over our weaknesses and display the true meaning of Diwali in our life for the betterment of humanity as a whole and always work towards the ultimate goal of our life. She wished everyone a happy Diwali and ended her speech with a short prayer asking the almighty to guide us towards good will & behaviour from the unwanted bad qualities.
  • Few more Melodious Bhajans were sung by Mrs. Tara Singh and Mrs. Shanta Singh involving all the audiences.
  • APSASM President Mr. Radesh Ram thanked the attendees for participating and donating for a noble cause. He expressed his thanks specially to the two families (Mr. & Mrs. Karamchandani and Mr. & Mrs. Ajit ASR and family) who attended APSASM satsang for the first time. Mrs. Karamchandani also sang few bhajans.
  • Children played with the fire crackers and the delicious meal along with the socialising continued.
  • Happy and satisfied faces of the attendees along with the positive and appreciative comments concluded the night of the function.

Arya Samaj Sthapna Diwas 2008:

APSASM celebrated its first Arya Samaj Sthapna Diwas (The foundation day of Arya Samaj in Bombay -now Mumbai, India on 10th of April 1875) on the 12th of April 2008. The highlights are as below:

  • The program started with the opening address by the Founding President and Purohit of APSASM, Pt. Prashant Kumar Sharma.
  • This was followed by Agnihotram conducted by the Founding President and Purohit of APSASM, Pt. Prashant and group.
  • Melodious Bhajans were sung by the APSASM members followed by Mishtaan (distributing sweets and other edible goodies).
  • APSASM President, Mr. Radesh Ram welcomed the attendees in his address and talked about the purpose of Arya Samaj starting with the task of promoting knowledge and dispelling ignorance and superstition. Other tasks include removal of the evils of society like child marriage; educating all and giving equal rights to women to name a few. He also stressed that Arya Samaj is credited in generating the feeling of Swarajya or self rule in the people of Arya Vratta (India). He then continued in explaining the motive of APSASM. He ended his address by inviting all the attendees to work with APSASM towards a new Arya beginning not only ours but yours and others also.
  • This followed the APSASM founding President's address explaining the Importance of celebrating Arya Samaj Staphna Diwas. Pt. Prashant also explained the need for Arya Samaj today by explaining the practical aspects of today's busy life style. He also explained the Arya Samaj principles giving the example of today's life style and how we can improve our and other's life. He ended his address by encouraging and motivating all the attendees by providing the example of the fast and worthy progress of APSASM towards the betterment of our life.
  • The exciting part of the next item was that it was performed by the children of APSASM. The children started by involving all the attendees in reciting the Gayatri Mantra. One of the children (Shivani) explained the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra as per the explanation given by Maharishi Dayanand followed by another child (Prerna) explaining the meaning of OM as per the etymology given in the Satyarth Prakash. In the end of the children's program another child (Bhavya) initiated the attendees thinking by asking all the elders to guide the children with their practical conduct. The program ended with children involving all the attendees in reciting the Gayatri Mantra again.
  • APSASM president Mr. Radesh Ram provided the comments on the kids program - the first for APSASM involving non APSASM members.
  • All guests were thanked by Bhavya in her vote of thanks and the delicious meal along with the socialising continued.
  • Positive and appreciative comments were given by the attendees.


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